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ATX Learning was established with a goal to keep people first. This is why, ATX Learning aims to bridge the gap between the clients and the professionals by providing a medium of trust and a healthy working environment. In addition to our salaries being highly competitive, we assure excellent working conditions for our professionals.

One of the key differences a professional experience at ATX Learning is the very close working relationship we develop during the entire engagement. Our Professional Success Specialist stay in regular contact with you to provide the best experience and address any questions and concern.

We ensure that you get to decide your flexible hours with the complete opportunity to choose your engagement (part-time, full-time, morning-shift, evening-shift, short or long term). We focus on the holistic development and strive hard to facilitate a common ground where both the school and professionals are each other’s best fit.


  • Competitive Salary & Benefits.
  • Flexible schedule – work engagement according to your schedule and goals.
  • Congenial and friendly working environment.
  • Assigned Success Specialist contact person.
  • Work satisfaction for benefitting society and work for a noble cause.

Benefits for Contractors

  • Higher Salary.
  • Opportunity to deduct more business expenses than employee.
  • Opportunity to contribute more towards retirement than employee limit.
  • Simplified Client Contract.
  • Assigned Contractor Success Specialist throughout the engagement.

Benefits for Employees

  • Personalized Pay Package to meet your need.
  • Health & Wellness (Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance or reimbursement)
  • Licensure Reimbursement
  • 401K Employer Contribution *
  • Travel Reimbursement *
  • Assigned Professional Success Specialist throughout the engagement.

Employment Process

Connecting Highly-Qualified Professionals with Career Opportunities

Our robust hiring process ensures that we find the most suitable candidate for the position. For this, we use a standardized procedure to provide our clients with suitable specialists to join their staff.

1. Application

Candidates submit applications for jobs using our standard form, which includes a section for their resume to be uploaded.

2. Verification

ATX Learning verifies applicant identity and checks original certificates and licenses. We also require all necessary background checks to ensure proper vetting of our applicants.

3. Recommendations

Applicants submit three letters of recommendation from past or current employers.

4. Interview

Applicants who have met our standards are interviewed by ATX Learning.

5. Match

Highly-qualified candidates are matched with available jobs that fit the individual’s experience and qualifications.

6. Health Screening

Any site-specific health requirements are met at this time. Usually, schools require TB skin tests and/or drug screenings.

7. Agreement

All professionals sign an agreement and submit requisite original credentials they need to produce for the hiring process.

8. Monitoring

ATX Learning offers monthly checks to verify that all of our employees maintain necessary licensing and certification.